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Customers need to be signed packing list or goods list before moving the loaded truck. Please ask the duplicate documents from packers.

How packers and movers in Ambala pack your entire goods (packing method)

How packers and movers in Ambala pack your Furniture?

Packers and movers in Ambala personnel are very professional and experienced to provide better services to full fill the customer satisfaction, they are using 3 layers corrugated roll for wrapping the sofa all around then wrapping by bubble sheet & lamination film roll to protect the material from rain & other moisture and also to avoid damage.

Note: Please clean all furniture and remove out all clothes from almirah & be sure the quantity of related shifting furniture maximum one day before of packing.

Packing of Crockery & Utensils items by movers in Ambala

Kitchen or crockery items nature is very critical so that packers and movers Ambala well-trained personnel giving more attention during packing the material. They are using the corrugated plain cartons sheet, box & bubble sheet for wrapping to avoid any kind of demurrage at the time of transportation.

Note: Always be sure to place crockery packed box at the top of all crates, cause to avoid the possibility of losses.

Electronics Components packing by packers in Ambala

Electronics items such LED/LCD, Freeze, Cooler, micro-oven, ceiling fan, Air Conditioner etc. are most important things out from household items. Packers and Movers companies are using the plastic boxes for packing to avoid any kind of mishappening. Prior to going plastic box packing, they are wrapping the material with bubble sheet & Styrofoam sheet for more safety.

Note: Prior to going packing the electronics items need to be disconnected from power. Washing machine needs to be emptied of water about 24 hours ago. If possible provide the original grooved carton box to packers and movers personal for packing the material.

Clothes & Mattress packing method

Wearing clothes & curtains to be packed in cartons boxes. Bed mattress is packing through shrink roll.

Note: All wearing clothes need to be handed over one time to hired packers movers personal to minimize the bundle of cartons.

Vehicles or Car Transportation services in Ambala

Customer needs to be handed over vehicles legal document to the company for legal proceedings at the time of vehicle delivery. Please be sure the term of delivery with the company.

There are three types of options for shifting of Vehicle.

  • Through Car Carriers.
  • By Road (At packers risk)
  • By Hiring the Driver ( Owner Risk)

Note: Please keep all updated original documents during shifting the vehicle. Packers are not responsible for any incident. The only Insurance company will be responsible to cover yours loses during any mishappening.

Packing of Nursery Items

Packers very experienced for shifting the nursery items. Please highlight your nursery pots to packers before hired. Nursery pots are along placed in moving vehicle. Packers are not responsible for any broken pots.

Payment Terms & Condition:

Packers are charging Transportation + Loading + Unloading + Unpacking + Octroi + GST from customers. If customers need more attention for shifting they can request Escort service from Company. Payment can be done through cash or account transfer (80% during the loading time & 20% at the time of unloading)

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