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Your relocation journey begins when you approach YouDial for moving enquiry and our experienced onsite crew evaluate the numbers of goods and products that you need to transport for informing you about the approx…quotation.A moving plan will be prepared for you which matches your shifting budget and specific requirements.Your belongings will be packed with high-quality materials, loaded in safe transporting vehicles, and unpacked/unloaded at the destination safely.

Complete Relocation steps of packers and movers

Packing Goods

You can ask for complete or specific items packing services.Packing of your precious household, pharma, industrial items are done through thermo-cols, Fabric sheets, LED bags, cloth carton,  customized carton boxes/crates/pallets, cushioning materials for breakables, cardboard sheets, etc. Heavy materials are packed with more caution.

Office goods contain files, important customer/employees records, equipment, hard drives, vintage artwork, glass showcases etc. which are more precious than household items.high-quality and moisture-resistant packing materials like using plastic film for laminating packed items,  plastic box inside the soft form for placing files alphabetically and in a numerological order, wooden box for machinery, and for loading huge machines heavy weight lifting technology is implied.

Load goods in Truck

Proper Loading of goods in truck ensures damage free transportation of household goods or official goods on your relocation.Our reliable packers and movers make use of covered car trailers and containerized trucks for safely picking up your household or office belongings/car/other automobiles from your residence or office premises and securely relocating them to a new destination. From scratch to end everything is executed professionally and systematically.


Transportation is one of the essential parts of the relocating business. YouDial packers and movers specialized staff offers rapid and fast transportation services to our customers.We hold the expertise in car and many other vehicles transportation.Clients can choose between various modes of transportation available by us- Air, Surface (Road/Railways), and Water.

If the short distance is to be covered transporting belongings by road is a lot more convenient and economical.Trucks are hugely used in countries like India.Goods are packed in a container (metal room-like cabins with enough space) and moved around in ships when the movement of the goods have to be done near coastal ports. Transportation by air is quick but quite expensive.


Safely unloading of goods at the destination takes times and effort and we strictly recommend that unloading task should be performed by the professionals only.Our professional movers & packers take your belonging boxes off the truck and place them safely in your house or office as your specifications.Unloading of goods by an expert can avoid last-minute damages of goods.


Clients can ask for complete or partial unpacking services with us depending upon your needs and quantity of goods. Unpacking of goods involves several activities like unpacking of breakables with extreme care, taking stuff out of cartons and boxes and organizing them, opening up of furniture etc.Our trained crew will unpack fragile items and big electronic appliances with extreme caution and care.


Our experienced crew can cautiously dismantle and assemble furniture, IT equipment, and other required machines but clients have to remember that we might not be able to assemble goods if they had dismantled beforehand due to screws missing or unfitting parts. We can help in TV mounting services, hanging of shelves and cabinets, electrical services like removing and rewiring etc.Goods requiring special IT specialist attention will not be handled by us.

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